Youth Services
Youth Services


What does YMCA stand for?

The initials YMCA stand for Young Men’s Christian Association

Do you only work with Young Men?

No – Although originally established to look after the spiritual, physical and mental well being of young male apprentices in London the YMCA has not been exclusively for men for quite some time now (since the early 1960’s facilities have been open to males and females). In Eastbourne we work with both males and females of various ages through a variety of projects.

Do you have to be a Christian to be involved with the YMCA?

No – the YMCA works with all people, those with different faiths and those who have none. Some of our staff would openly describe themselves as Christian and regularly attend church, but this is not a requirement for employment (except in certain positions). However, in order to work for the YMCA you need to be sympathetic with our Christian ethos and aims and objectives.

What do you do?

Hopefully other parts of this website will give you a more detailed idea of what we do, but basically we work in 6 areas:


Youth and Community Services

Information, Advice and Guidance

Children's Sports Services

Retirement Action

Expeditions and Experiential Learning

Do you have a gym?

No – at the current time a sports centre is not among our various projects. However, using other local facilities we do run sports coaching courses for 5-14 year olds (Y Active Kids), swimming lessons (Y Swim) for children aged over 2 years and physical activities for residents of care and rest homes (Y3A).

Do you have rooms I could book for my holiday?

No – currently we do not run a hotel style project. We offer supported accommodation to young people who would otherwise be homeless through our residential projects in Eastbourne and Hailsham.

How do you get a place at one of the YMCA accommodation projects?

You need to be aged 16-25 and be referred by either Eastbourne Borough Council (Eastbourne projects) or Wealden District Council (Hailsham projects). Once you have been nominated to us by a council you will be assessed and if accepted and we have the room available offered accommodation.